Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Take me BACK to the FUTURE

LIFE IS GETTING COMPLICATED. I WANT TO BE A CHILD AGAIN. I want to go back to when there were not Seven Wonders of the World, but seven million of them. When birds were a wonder, butterflies were a wonder, wild flowers were a wonder, seasonal streams were a wonder, rain, lightning and thunder were wonders which the universe served to use in triplets.  You see, childhood is where the future happened, until we grew up, and then we had a past. I want to go back to childhood purity not yet spoiled by mundane affairs. When my dreams didn’t matter in size, but in thrill. Take me back to the futuristic past, when I believed, and cared nada about the ridicule of not accomplishing the very things I said I would.
DON’T GROW UP, IT’S A TRAP! Whether you are a citizen in a first world country of a refugee in foreign country, we all had dreams as children. And what is even better is that we actually believed in the beauty of those dreams. We had the images in our imagination right, the energy right, the faith right, the zeal right, but then, we grew up, got introduced to what is ‘right’ to pursue, and all we had left, as we adulted, and ‘became more realistic’ And sometimes we only feel as shells of the amazing children we were, but there is hope.
EVERYDAY LIFE OFFERS US AN OPPORTUNITY TO PURSUE OUR AUTHENTIC DREAMS. Today offers you an opportunity to RE-MEMBER (get connected back to) and REKINDLE YOUR CHILDHOOD DREAMS, and a SENSE OF WONDER. Yes, it is time to rekindle the flames of childhood dreams that the winds of time have since blown and extinguished!
Go back to the amazing future you dreamt of as a child, before growing up trapped you!

Friday, 13 March 2020

Never take defeat seriously, except when it’s a teacher!

There is no one individual who has all the requisite knowledge, experience and wisdom to insulate them against defeat. At one point or another, defeat breaks in, even when we are not ready to open the door. And even when our faith has been strengthened, success has been expected and fully prepared for. Defeat shows up to dine with you at the very table you were waiting on victory. That is no time to quit. For TODAY’S LOSER, IS TOMORROWS WINNER!

Defeat happens when one fails to attain a goal they very much wanted. Defeat ends when we gather the courage to launch into another battle. Defeat doesn’t define, it develops.

In the wisdom of napoleon hill, when defeat comes, accept it as a signal that your plans are not sound. Rebound those plans and set sail once more towards your coveted goal. This time …WiSER!